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PXG Fitting Event 2018

Get Fitted for PXG

Widely recognized for its commitment to developing the world’s finest golf equipment, PXG offers golfers at every level of the game an unparalleled playing experience. The company’s formula for success is its focus on one thing: performance.

Now you have the opportunity to be fitted by the company’s most elite staff.

Trained by the guys who had a hand in building PXG clubs, PXG’s Master Fitters offer a premium fitting experience. Enjoy the benefits of PXG’s performance-enhancing technology built to your unique specifications.


PXG Fitting Event

For more information about PXG clubs visit PXG.com.

To take advantage of this special fitting experience at Express Golf Centre, please call 01274 491 945 or visit in-store.

Date: Tuesday, 1st May 2018

Time: Appointments start from 12:00 – 18:00

  • Full bag – 2 hours
  • Individual Club (Driver) – 1 hour
  • Irons – 1.5 hours

Where: Express Golf Centre – Get Directions