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Free Powakaddy Bag Christmas 2017

Free Powakaddy Bag – with any Lithium Trolley

Purchase any PowaKaddy Lithium Electric Golf Trolley and get a PowaKaddy Golf Bag absolutely FREE – worth up to £219.99

Your free bag will be dependant on the trolley model purchase. Terms and conditions apply.*

[vc_table allow_html=”1″][b]Your%20Purchase,[b]Your%20Free%20Bag|FW7s%20%2F%20FW7s%20EBS%20%2F%20FW7s%20GPS%20%2F%20FW5i%20%2F%20Compact%20C2%20or%20TOUCH,Claim%20a%20PowaKaddy%20Dri-Edition%20or%20Premium%20Cart%20Bag|FW3i,Claim%20a%20PowaKaddy%20Deluxe%20Cart%20Bag%20with%20no%20accessories%20or%20Yellow%20or%20Teal%20Lite%20Cart%20Bag%20with%201%20Accessory%20or%20a%20Fuchsia%20Lite%20Cart%20Bag%20with%202%20Accessories%20**[/vc_table]

** Accessory choices: Scorecard Holder, Umbrella Holder, Rain Cover, Drinks Holder, GPS/Smartphone Holder, Trolley Travel Bag, Compact C2 Travel Bag or Umbrella.

Once you have purchased a Powakaddy Lithium Trolley from Express Golf either online or in-store you can redeem your Free Powakaddy Bag online at www.powakaddy.co.uk/2017xmasbagpromo/

Offer Available with Powakaddy Lithium Trolleys