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A State-of-the-art Custom Fit Studio featuring the latest Flightscope Launch Monitor, V1 Pro Software and custom fitting systems from all leading brands.

Introduction to Custom Fitting

Custom Fit Process

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Book a Fitting: 01274 491945

Address: Express Golf Centre, The Fairways, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD9 6RX

(12 Miles from Leeds/Bradford International Airport & 15 mins from the M62)




Introduction to Custom Fitting

What is Custom Fitting?

Custom Fitting is the process by which golf equipment is tailored to your individual needs. Custom Fitting can be used to achieve many different aims;

Loft & Lie?

  • Adapting to your physical dimensions (taller/shorter/large hands)
  • Reducing the impact of a consistent swing fault
  • Encourage the correct technique
  • Eliminate a specific shot (slice or hook)


Who needs Custom Fitting?

At its more technical level custom fitting can build low handicap golfers and professionals a more efficient swing with shafts fitted to their swing speeds and tempo.
Higher handicap players can use adjustments in lie angles and shafts to overcome repetitive swing faults. Improver's and beginners need well fitted equipment to encourage the correct set up - the foundation for a solid game.

Do my current clubs fit?

Unless professionally fitted your current equipment could be partly responsible for the less desirable parts of your game.

Some examples to check below:


Lie Too Flat         

Shaft Too Flexible

Clubs Too Long

Missing to the right Ball flight too high Fat shots
Over strong grip Hooking ball flight Inconsistent striking
Over use of hands Inconsistency Falling away at impact


Lie Too Upright

Shafts Too Stiff

Clubs Too Short       

Ball light left Ball flight too low Thinned low shots
Weak grip Weak shots right Falling forward at impact
Dislike 'tight' lies Poor distance Excess knee flex


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Our Custom Fit Studio at Express Golf Centre based near Leeds & Bradford in West Yorkshire boasts the latest in custom fitting technology from Flightscope, Ping, Mizuno and Callaway giving you a comprehensive custom fitting experience that is set up to make sure your equipment is reaching it's optimum performance.

Mizuno Custom Fitting & Swing DNA

Ping Custom Fitting Cart

Callaway Opti-Fit Custom Fitting

Cobra Custom Fitting

Titleist Custom Fitting Works

TaylorMade Custom Fitting



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Custom Fit Process

Player Consultation

We'll ask you some questions about your game, your current equipment and what you'd like to achieve in your game.


Collect Swing Data

As you swing, the Flightscope launch monitor will record a comprehensive data set that includes club head speed, angle of attack and ball spin.


Test & Improve

With the Flightscope data we will test different brands, specifications and shafts until we find the equipment that delivers the optimum performance.


Results Analysis

Once the correct brand and specification have been identified we will make sure you are happy with the set make-up and if any alterations need to be made.


Fitting Complete

Your custom fitting experience is complete. You will either take your new clubs home on the day or we can order your new custom fit clubs direct from the supplier.

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Authorised Retailers of All Major Brands

Custom Fitting Brands


Custom Fitting Prices

Driver Fitting - 20

You'll experience a comprehensive driver fitting process using the Flightscope launch monitor which lets you compare your current driver with 100's of different options of the latest drivers.


Iron Fitting - 40

Using the Flightscope launch monitor, Mizuno Swing DNA and other technologies you can compare 100's of different specifications including club lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex and head material to find the optimum irons to suit your game.


360 Fitting - 60

Compare your whole set of golf clubs from driver right through to putter using the latest technology and custom fitting tools to ensure you are set up to get the optimum performance out of your golf equipment.


The price of custom fitting is included in the cost of any purchase you make. For example - if you are fitted for a driver at rrp 199 you will only pay 199 should you make a purchase.

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Flightscope Launch Monitor

All custom fitting at Express Golf is carried out using a Flightscope Launch Monitor - this enables us to see a vast array of data about your swing that you simply cannot see with the naked eye; such as ball spin, angle of attack and shaft acceleration. It's this data and our experience in custom fitting golf clubs that will make the difference to the performance of your golf equipment.


Radar Technology

Radar Technology

Radar Technology Flightscope Launch Monitor uses highly accurate tracking radar to record huge sets of data. The software uses this data to create a live 3D moving image of your shots.



Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Flightscope software shows you a huge array of data about your swing and how your clubs are performing.



Results Optimiser

Results Optimiser

Once data has been recorded the new Flightscope Optimiser will work out the optimum loft and shaft specification.


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Express Golf Centre

The Fairways


West Yorkshire


01274 491945




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